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I’m a Realtor, Investor, Developer, and a Mother of two children. I’ve project-managed over $40 million in residential developments in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I am originally from Vancouver, Canada and moved in 2000 to the Bay Area where I began in Commercial Banking and then Title & Escrow Sales. Furthering my passion in Real Estate, I purchased my first out-of-state investment property in 2003, and first home in 2005, I’ve learned the meaning of cash flow, and since then have rehabbed and lived in multiple duplexes and single family homes in San Francisco. I love the multi-facets of Real Estate investing, and sharing this knowledge with friends so that we can all grow together and reach financial freedom.

Fun Fact
“I’m filled with lots of energy and love planning travels with my family & friends, experiencing new adventures together. In the winter, you’ll find me on the mountains skiing as often as I can with my family and in the summers camping throughout California.”

My time with KeyOpp gave great chances, including working as a customer support agent. This work broadened my education and allowed me to interact with a wide range of people, all while satisfying my intrinsic drive to help others.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Katrina indulges in flower arrangement and baking, hobbies that offer her a creative outlet away from the digital world. These pursuits not only showcase her artistic side but also provide a peaceful contrast to her dynamic career in digital marketing, embodying her well-rounded approach to both her personal and professional life.

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