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Tell Us About Your Journey to Real Estate?

As a young child, I came to the States as a refugee, by way of a war that lasted nearly two decades. In my mid‐twenties, I answered a calling after the events of 9/11. The gravity was so strong it compelled me to leave everything I knew on behalf of the Air Force, to somehow make reparations for a war that sent me here in the first place. Halfway through that journey, during my first foray as a parent, I was blessed with a beautiful girl with Down Syndrome, and my sense of life began evolving many times over.

Today, I’m a father of two and a real estate professional. And, I’m purposefully building a legacy by improving the lives of others. I believe wealth is centered upon health and community, and the love that’s offered through human connection. I’m determined to foster this wealth on behalf of my family, and throughout the communities we belong to.

Ultimately, I also believe that real estate and home ownership are pillars upon which to build wealth. And, that it’s a matter of finding the right people to walk the path with you.

What Makes You Stand Out as an Agent? Does Anything From Your Previous Job Help You as an Agent?

As it turns out, there are an immense number of skills that translate from my prior experiences in military aviation and technology. What stands out the most is an engrained focus on customer success and partnership. Through each professional experience, my primary goals have always been to ensure the success of others, whether it’s through education, training, or leadership. I’m taking all of that with me into real estate.

Where Have You Lived? Where Do You Live Now? Where Did You Go to School/ College and What Did You Study? Do You Speak /read Write a Secondary Language?

I spent my early years in Japan on a naval base known as Yokosuka. Subsequently, I relocated to Vallejo, where I presently reside. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley. Additionally, I hold a Master’s degree in elementary education from the University of Phoenix. Furthermore, I am proficient in speaking Tagalog.

I’m one of the few agents you’ll find with such a tremendous amount of range, across many different industries. Prior to transitioning to real estate, I spent twelve years in the startup scene here in the Bay Area and I know it well. That gives me the ability to empathize with the journey of tech workers and the nuances of that profession. I also spent over eight years in the service of this country, so military veterans looking to leverage their VA benefits are close to my heart.

Describe Your Involvement With Any Organizations?

As the father of a special needs child, I’m very much involved in community organizations and groups that focus on achievement and personal development. We volunteer with the Girls Scouts, Softball, Martial Arts, and Cross fit. Over the years, we’ve become active members of the community and leverage our relationships to help others create a better tomorrow.

What Are Three Words Your Clients Would Use to Describe You?

My clients often characterize me as Insightful. Dependable. Empathetic.

What Most Excites You About Your Work?

The potential to exceed expectations on a daily basis is what excites me most about real estate.

Where Can We Find You When Your Not Working?

If you’re awake early enough, you’ll find me at the gym in the morning. And, in the evenings, I’ll be in my home office either studying or working on new real estate projects. Besides that, there’s likely an event somewhere around town that my daughters are participating in, and I’m right there in the crowd.

Who Inspires You and Why?

My two daughters inspire me in every way imaginable. I look at them and see such a bright futures ahead. That sense of purpose is what drives me toward
creating a better tomorrow.

Anything Else You’d Like to Tell People About Yourself?

I absolutely love introspective conversations and will entertain one whenever I have the chance.

What is Your Favorite Room in the House?

My home office.

What Would You Say to a 5-year-old Child if He or She Asked You What the Purpose of Life is? Is the Strangest Activity on Your Bucket List?

To love the present moment.

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