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Working for several years in hospitality and sales, Nathan has always strived for achieving the highest satisfaction for his clients. He is known to go above and beyond in order to ensure that his clients receive a positively unforgettable experience. Especially when his responsibility pertains to a monumental event in a person’s life – such as moving into a new home. In terms of the industry, he fell in love with working in a profession that revolves around helping others or guiding people through a significant time in their lives.

As a Leasing Specialist, Nathan always aims to provide the best possible service with dedication to detail, problem-solving, and active listening. As a renter, he has experienced the arduous labor of the rental search and the general moving process. This has inspired him to pivot that experience for searchers and create an easier and more enjoyable process. His extroverted personality and genuine care create an amazing experience for tenants while effectively ascertaining the best possible fit for his clients. Branching off his determined nature, Nathan is skilled at listening to what people need and working diligently to best match his clients with what they are looking for.

In his free time, Nathan loves to explore new places in nature and observe the beauty that the world has to offer. As a creative person, he has an artistic eye and is passionate about photography and videography. He will jump on the chance to practice his craftsmanship any chance that he gets. Personally, he focuses on consistency and positivity in his daily life, with the routines of early morning meditation, exercising, managing a healthy diet, and carrying an open heart to constant learning and making genuine connections.

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