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Tell Us About Your Journey to Real Estate. Why Did You Become a Real Estate Agent?

I wish I had a story about someone who inspired me to pursue real estate. But in all honesty, I grew up in a single-family home and it wasn’t always easy. We didn’t have a lot, but what I will never forget is the memories that were created in my home growing up. My passion comes from knowing that the home that my clients will choose, will one day hold those same memories

If You Are New to Real Estate, Does Anything From Your Previous Job Help You as an Agent?

I worked in property management, and in my current role, I am an executive assistant. I believe that both roles are a great starting point to a successful career in real estate.

What Are Three Words Your Clients Would Use to Describe You?

Dependable, honest, and passionate

What Most Excites You About Your Work?

Having the opportunity to be a part of the journey from start to finish. Continuing to learn and grow with each relationship I build!

Who Inspires You and Why?

My children. I want my kids to understand that they will have to work for everything that they want and need. And I am so proud that they were able to witness the sacrifice, determination, and time that I put into getting my license. I choose to continue to grow professionally for them. I want them to see that it IS possible.

Where Can We Find You When You’re Not Working?

When I’m not working, I am with my husband and our 3 kids. Time is a thief and I am soaking in every moment with them while they still let me.

What is Your Favorite Room in the House?

My family room. This is where we all gather. There have been many holidays and sleepovers in this room. Just being in it, fills me with joy!

What Was the Happiest Moment in Your Life?

Marrying my husband. I am a product of divorced parents and I made the decision to choose different with my life. I am proud to show our children what a healthy, happy home looks like. I can only hope that they find their own happiness one day.

What Magical Power Would You Want to Have?

The power to fly! I hate sitting in traffic, so having the ability to fly would ensure I was never late and didn’t waste time sitting in the car!

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