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Describe Your Journey to Real Estate.

My journey with real estate began right after I graduated in San Francisco State University back in 1991 with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing. I was able to close my first transaction within six months by my helping one of my close college friends. At that time, not only did I earned my first commission check, but I also earned his trust as well as learn how important real estate to people.

With my 20+ years of experience in real estate; I have been able to help many people fulfill their American Dream, help investors with 1031 Exchange for a different portfolio, and help many people when they went through the down time from the market crashing in 2009. I can not describe how grateful I am that I was able to help all my clients assets gain through out all these years; this is the reason why I am still in real estate business. I love helping people!

What Are Three Words Your Clients Would Use to Describe You?

Trustworthy, Knowledgeable, Responsive.

What Most Excites You About Your Work?

I love being able to create friendships with my clients.

Where Can We Find You When You’re Not Working?

When I am not working, I enjoy doing home improvements. I have been very handy ever since I was young.

What is Your Favorite Month of the Year and Why?

December is always joyful, since real estate usually slower at that time. It gives me more time so I can take vacation with my family.

What is Your Favorite Day of the Week?

Monday is my favorite because it is fresh start, since it is the first day of the week!

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