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Describe Your Journey to Real Estate.

I grew up watching the progression of the real estate industry and was always fascinated with how real estate works. Upon completion of school, I decided to get my real estate license and for the past four years I have been on both sides of real estate transactions. I have been able to overcome the challenges of closing sales successfully and learned how to navigate through contracts and negotiations to where all parties are satisfied with the end results. I look forward to more learning experiences and success with helping people build wealth through real estate.

What Are Three Words Your Clients Would Use to Describe You?

Sincere, Trustworthy, Informative

What Most Excites You About Your Work?

What excites me is finding solutions to problems successfully, it is important for me to help people find what they are looking for. I find pure joy in handing keys over to clients to their new home or investments and watching the excitement on their faces.

Where Can We Find You When You’re Not Working?

I can always be found at local sporting events and restaurants.

Anything Else You’d Like to Tell People About Yourself?

Friends and family says my personality is very magnetic and I love working with families. I like to be realistic, but I also like to have fun.

What Bay Area City Would You Like to Live in and Why?

Oakland because I was born here.

What is the Strangest Activity on Your Bucket List?

Skydiving and landing in clear water.

Which Sitcom Character Do You Relate to Most?

Brian from Family Guy.

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