3 Tips to Help Sellers Get Ahead of the Market

3 Tips to Help Sellers Get Ahead of the Market

With market changes forecasted for 2023, today’s sellers are wondering what they can do to get ahead of the changing market. And the real estate experts at Sequoia Real Estate have three tips to help you do just that!

Here are three ways you can get ahead of the market in 2023.


Real estate sales traditionally slow down during the winter when fewer buyers are looking to make a move. But then the market heats back up for the spring and summer seasons. Sellers who want to get ahead of the market are preparing now so that they are ready to capitalize on the influx of buyers in the spring.

Listing your home for sale is a bit of a process. You need to make any necessary repairs or upgrades, find an agent to represent you and have photos and videos taken before your listing can hit the market. So if you want to be ready to meet buyers in the spring, get the ball rolling now.


In the buying frenzy of the pandemic years, there were not enough houses to meet the high buyer demand. So homes would be sold within days of being listed on the market. But with the interest rate hikes of 2022, there isn’t as much incentive for buyers, so fewer buyers are looking for homes. This means sellers need to work a little harder to stand out among the other listings.

As you prepare your property for the market, consider how your listing will compare to buyers’ other options in terms of:
  • Condition. Can you make any cost-effective upgrades to set your home apart from the competition?

  • Staging. How can you help buyers imagine living their best lives in this house?

  • Pricing. Does your list price represent fair market value?

  • Marketing. How can you make your listing stand out as buyers browse online? And how can you reach buyers who might not know about your listing?


Listing your home for sale might be a complex process. But when you hire a well-qualified real estate professional, the most difficult parts are handled for you. A good seller’s agent can:

  • Advise you on staging your property to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

  • Research comparable properties to make sure your listing price is competitive without leaving money on the table.

  • Create a comprehensive marketing plan, designed for maximum exposure to qualified buyers.

  • Advise you on incoming offers.

  • Negotiate to get you the best price and best terms possible.

  • Coordinate the escrow period to make sure the deal closes smoothly.
Your agent directly impacts the success of your sale. So it’s worth investing a little time in choosing the right listing agent for you.

Whether you’re ready to list your home now, or you just want to explore your options with a real estate professional in a no-pressure environment, contact Sequoia Real Estate today. We can match you with a licensed real estate expert who will be happy to take the time to answer all your questions and help you get ahead of the market!

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