Are you a Real Estate Agent’s Dream Client?

Are you a Real Estate Agent’s Dream Client?

Real estate agents work with all types of buyers and sellers. Many of them are a true joy to work with! While others make the process more difficult than it needs to be. Which type of client are you?

Here are 10 signs that you are a real estate agent’s dream client.

1. You Know What You Want

Sometimes clients think they’re being flexible by being open to all homes in a wide range of price points over several neighborhoods. But this makes it difficult for your agent to find something that will truly make you happy. When you know what you want, you can tell us, and we can get to work finding it.

2. You are Realistic

You would be amazed at how many times agents are asked to produce something that does not exist. There is no property in the Bay Area for under $500K with bay views, outdoor space, a three-car garage, and 3,000 square feet of living space.

3. You Communicate Clearly

Your feedback is everything to your agent! We want to know what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling about your purchase or sale. The more clearly you can explain what’s happening in your head and heart, the better we can serve you.

4. You’re Prepared

For buyers, being prepared means having your financials in order, getting pre-approved with a lender, and having a list of needs and wants. For sellers, being prepared means having a clean, staged home that is ready to be photographed and listed. When you’re prepared, we can get to work for you right away.

5. You’re Decisive

Real estate typically moves quickly. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a buyer miss out on a home because they wanted to “sleep on it” or watching a seller lose a qualified buyer because they couldn’t decide quickly enough to accept the offer. Be ready to act when the opportunity comes along.

6. You Can Be Patient

On the other hand, sometimes it takes a while for the right home or the right buyer to come along. We know it’s frustrating when things don’t happen quickly enough for you. But a little patience will make the process smoother. 

7. You Respond Promptly

Being responsive is always appreciated. There are many times when we need a quick reply from a client. Can we show the property tomorrow at 8:00Have you wired the closing costs to the escrow officer? A client who responds promptly to inquiries and questions is a dream.

8. You’re Willing to Learn

Even if you’ve bought or sold homes before, changes in market conditions might make this experience very different from your previous experiences. We love inquisitive, engaged clients who are willing to accept that their agents might be able to teach them something new.

9. You Respect Reasonable Boundaries

As real estate agents, we do our best to work around our clients’ schedules. Do you need to see a property at 8:00 pm? No problem! You can only look at homes on weekends? We’ve got you! But some clients take advantage of our accommodating schedules. Please don’t expect an immediate reply to a text at midnight.

10. You Appreciate Professional Loyalty

Remember, your agent typically gets paid only when the deal closes. We can work for you for months without any compensation. So it can be heartbreaking for us to learn that a client has just signed paperwork with another agent. Dream clients choose their agents carefully and stick with their agents (assuming the agent is performing well, of course).

Work With the Best!

Dream clients deserve the best real estate agents. And the best agents in the Bay Area are right here at Sequoia Real Estate. Contact us today for a friendly, no-cost consultation. We’re excited to learn about your needs and your goals so that we can help you get the most out of your next real estate transaction!

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