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Tell Us About Your Journey to Real Estate?

I entered the real estate sector with the goal of becoming a real estate investor. Acknowledging the significance of acquiring specific skills to advance my journey, I shifted into the role of a real estate agent. The abundance of knowledge, resources, and capital inherent in this industry made the decision to pursue this path unequivocal.

If You Are New to Real Estate, Does Anything From Your Previous Job Help You as an Agent?

My proficiency in navigation can contribute to crafting a smooth and stress-free experience for my clients, whether they are purchasing or selling a property. Additionally, possessing local knowledge and insights about various areas can offer a significant advantage. This allows me to provide clients with comprehensive information about different neighborhoods, schools, transportation, and community features.

What Makes You Stand Out as an Agent?

My robust interpersonal skills were a key factor in my decision to pursue a career in real estate. I take pride in being a positive influence in people’s lives, whether by offering valuable information to meet their personal needs or by simply being a part of their journey in any way possible.

Where Have You Lived? Where Do You Live Now? Where Did You Go to School/ College and What Did You Study? Do You Speak /read Write a Secondary Language?

I have lived in SF all my life and still living in the same neighborhood. I am fluent in Cantonese and my first language in English as I am first generation born.

Describe Your Involvement With Any Organizations?

In 2023, I had the privilege of participating in what I deem as one of the most gratifying opportunities—serving as a basketball coach. As a former basketball player, coaching was a new experience for me, and surprisingly, it turned out to be an excellent fit. One of the most impactful lessons I learned from working with these exceptional young ladies is the realization that fear can be paralyzing and must be overcome every single time.

What Most Excites You About Your Work?

Playing the role of the individual who aided someone in making one of the most crucial financial decisions of their life.

What Are Three Words Your Clients Would Use to Describe You?

My clients would characterize me as energetic, innovative, and communicative.

Where Can We Find You When Your Not Working?

Outside of work, you could come across me exploring trails with my dog.

Who Inspires You and Why?

My parents inspire me with their discipline and dedication as young homeowners, and their ability to persist in pursuing their athletic hobbies to this day.

Anything Else You’d Like to Tell People About Yourself?

I love music and love dancing. I especially love meeting people with this same passion

What is Your Favorite Room in the House?

My favorite spot in the house is the kitchen. I adore cooking, as it allows me to refine my skills and witness the joy on my family’s faces once they’ve savored my culinary creations.

What Was the Happiest Moment in Your Life?

While I’ve experienced several exhilarating moments in my life, passing my real estate exam stands out as the happiest. It instilled in me a belief in my abilities, proving that I could learn and achieve something new even when I initially doubted myself.

What Magical Power Would You Like to Have?

The magical power I would like to heal any sickness and disease

What is the Nicest Thing Anyone Ever Said to You?

“You helped my daughter grow by being her coach”

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